Sunday, June 9, 2013

May first aid clinics and more

In May I was invited to do a first aid clinic at the Laura Ward.  We had a great crowd of RS sisters that came.  They are currently meeting in a school while their little chapel is  remodeled and made larger.  I first did Blood Pressures on everyone.  Then we talked about keeping healthy including keeping clean, drinking clean water, eating nutritious food, exercising, and controlling mosquitoes and bugs.  I showed them how to clean a cut or abrasion and control severe bleeding.  I made some wounds and we demonstrated some  of these skills.   I talked about choking and when and how to do back blows and abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver)  The funniest thing was when the sisters were supposed to do  it on each other.  They thought it was funny and just laughed and laughed.  I also demonstrated checking an unconcsious person and putting someone into a recovery position.  I think all of this was pretty new to them.  As a thank you to me and the other senior sisters that came, they gave us lots of things they had grown.  Bananas, breadfruit, Bot (Pandana), and limes.

Teaching back blows

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Sister Roota

They are having a good time for sure on the abdominal thrusts

Sister Barlow

Everyone wanted their Blood Pressure taken

Checking an unconcsious victim

The whole group
I also helped with a Wellness Center clinic at my ward, the Long Island Ward.  There is a religious group called the Camelback Mission that sponsors what is known as the Wellness Center.  They offer healthy food, exercise classes, and education on diabetes.  It is next to the hospital.  They grow gardens and make their own bread and really offer a great service to the community.  They will also come around to the different types of groups on the island and give presentations.  Several other wards in the stake have had them come and we senior missionaries know the couple that kind of run it.  Anyway, I told the RS president about it and she asked me to schedule them to come.  It was really fun.  I helped them take blood sugars and they cooked and taught the women some fun, easy things to cook that are healthy.  We also did an exercise class and then they taught them some things about Diabetes.  Here are some pictures.

Taking blood sugars

Many  RS sisters had high blood sugar


Everyone really enjoyed it

Acting out what happens to sugar when you have diabetes

We also had several get togethers with the missionaries. 

Mother's Day cake that the sisters made for the senior sisters

The Mother's Day Cake

Saying good-bye to a friend who has taught here in Majuro

At the Airport

Birthday Celebrations  Sister Crane, our new 19 year old sister

The cute sister missionaries

Sister Tominey's birthday

Saying good-bye to Sister Hogg

Sister Woods, Sister Shaw,Sister Hogg, Sister Wayas, Me

Sister Tago, Sister Hogg, Sister Huni

Sister Huni, Me and Sister Hogg

Farewell cake for President and Sister Shaw

Missionaries serving on Majuro at a zone conference

My little group of boys and 1 girl are still coming over to get food, whenever I will answer the door.  I am trying to help them learn that they can't come over and make a lot of noise or throw their wrappers and garbage on the floor.  They still want to sell me sea shells or chickens or whatever they can come up with.
My little friends trying to sell me a chicken

May 1st is a huge holiday.  It is Constitution Day.  This is the Government building all decorated.  There was a parade, fire works, booths, games, food etc.

My good friend Ruby  She is from Utah but her husband is from here

Ruby and her husband and four sons moved here in March.  They lived in Utah for a long time, but wanted to help his mother who lives here in Majuro finish a little house and also let their boys see what the Marshallese Culture was like

My good friend Allison from Taiwan

Allison lives in our apartment complex.  She works for the Taiwan embassy.  We get together for dinners and to watch a video every now and again.  She got a bike and loves to bike around.

We were invited to AnPac celebration by the Austrailian Navy.  It is like memorial day in the US.  It was really nice.  There was an early morning sunrise flag ceremony and lying of the wrethes under the flag in honor of those who died.  Then they had a nice breakfast

Allison was in charge of a big Taiwan navy fleet that came

A fleet of Taiwan ships came into the harbor.  We got to tour this Frigate

It started to pour as we were going over in a small boat

We got totally soaked on our way over

The ship had lots of displays about Taiwan

We started out on the little boat to the Frigate.  It started to rain and then pour.  The clouds and fog moved in and we couldn't even see the ship for a while.  I was afraid we were going to run right into it.  Then finally the fog cleared and we made it to the ship.  There were lots of displays for us to see about Taiwan.  I got Jason some Taiwan calendars, videos and stuff like that.  The ships had been on a tour of South and Central America and the Pacific

Elder and Sister Woods and me

more displays