Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saying Good-bye

Elder and Sister Woods and Me  at the airport
The Woods and Me with Ruby and two of her boys
Sister Woods with Jennifer and me

I am really going to miss the Woods.  They were here on a CES/Humanitarian mission.  We used to do a lot of things videos on Friday night, Sister Woods and I ran in the mornings and had a wonderful time, and we worked together on some projects for the hospital and of course we did things as senior missionaries and things to help the mission. They are from Orem.  They were wonderful missionaries and all of the people just loved them.  They are going to be greatly missed here.

 Ruby  and her husband John,, who is Marshallese moved here in March from Utah.  Ruby grew up in Utah and is part Tongan.  They brought their  boys to Majuro so the boys could learn a little about their Marshallese culture and so that they could build a house for John's Mom who lives here in a tiny place.

Farewell dinner with Allison

Farewell pillow cases made by Sister Barlow

Coming down the road

Sister Woods and me on an early morning  run at the airport
Sister Woods and me

Sister Roota going home to Kiribati
Sister Woods and me with Sister Roota 

Elder and Sister Woods and Sister Roota

Sister Roota is a wonderful missionary from Kiribati.  She served in Long Island for the first three months that I was here.  She is outgoing, and such a great leader.  I will miss her.

Sister Tominey and her parents

Sister Tominey is from South Jordan.  Her parents came over to pick her up.  I took them over to Ejit along with several of the other Sister Missionaries on their P Day.   We had a great time  Sister Tominey served in Long Island for several months and it was fun to get to know her.  She was a wonderful missionary.

Sister Tominey and Sisters  posing in a boat at Ejit

Sister Weir on the hike

The Tomineys, Sisters, and Jiiki (Cheekie) at Ejit.  Jiiki is a policeman there

Having fun

Sister Weir

On the 5th islet over we had some fun just posing for pictures

The cute sisters

Sister Huni and me

Sister Tekiare and Me

Here in the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission, we have a lot of baptisms.  Every week there are several.  I always go to my ward in Long Island for the baptism, if there is one there.  If not I go to one of the other wards.

\Cleaning up the beach before the baptism

Elders and Sisters from Laura Barlows, and me cleaning up beach\

Laura Elders at the baptism on the Beach
Those watching on the shore

One of the boys who was getting baptized

Getting ready for the baptism

Sister Barlow, Sister Ie Ie

The beautiful lagoon and palm trees

Long Island Baptism Sister Tofa and Sister Tominey

Two  more Trips to Ejit and beyond:
Ejit is one of 32 islets that make up the Majuro Atoll.  It is three islets over from the main island.  It is only accessible by boat or by walking over on the reef at low tide.  It is a little village that has a school, church, police station, and a mini hospital.  Many of the people who live there are people who once lived on Bikini Atoll and were relocated during the nuclear testing.  On this trip, the Senior sisters decided to hike as far as we could one Saturday while the tide was low.  Our goal was to get to Kammaron, which is 8 islets over and is the islet that Jiiki (Cheekie) and Sue and their boys live on.  We made it over to the 8th islet.  My camera's battery died on me and so I don't have many pictures of the other islets on the way over.

Sister Weir and I at the Ejit Hospital
Sister Weir with a guy from Hawaii who took us around Ejit
At the Police Station on Ejit

Sister Weir, Sister Wayas, Sister Barlow and guy who showed us around
At the new school on Ejit
Walking over during low tide.  Ejit is 3 islands over  We went  8 Islands over that day
A little bunker and gun left over from WWII

A little girl on Ejit Island

More children on  Ejit
I took Ruby and her boys to the 5th islet over

We had a fun picnic on the 5th islet
The boys had fun snorkeling

We stopped on Ejit to see the Police Station.

Me and Sister and Elder Barlow riding bikes in Laura

Elder Angilau and Elder Bascom 3rd place Apartment winners

 Delap Sisters Apartment winners for July

Elder Morrisey and Elder Aaron (2nd place)

Sunday dinner at my house with the Long Island District