Friday, May 31, 2013

Hawaii, My Wonderful Family and Friends

The best thing about stopping in Hawaii on my way back to Majuro was seeing my wonderful family:  Chelsea, Tylie and Bri.  We had so much fun together.  They met me at the airport with leis and hugs and I was so excited to see them
We had so much fun  This is at Pounders
Bri, Chelsea and Tylie

Chelsea, Bri and Tylie had been there for about three days and had enjoyed the beach and  had been doing some things in Honolulu with a friend.  They picked me up and we went shopping for a few things that I needed.  Then when we got home we went beach hopping and stopped at several of our favorite beaches.  This includes Kakela, Pounders, and Turtle Beach up on the north shore.  Tylie loved the turtles that were out sunning themselves.
The device on the top of the turtle on the left is a tracking device

Our favorite photo location is on the cliff by Pounders
  We enjoyed the beaches and went to Matsumotos for shave ice with ice cream.  Then we came home to eat our favorite treat Chocolate Haupia pie.  It can't get any better than that.

 The next day we got up early and went to get tickets for Pearl Harbor.  After we got them, we headed to the swap meet and Tylie got some necklaces for her pre-school class and we all got some other fun stuff.
Waiting for Pearl Harbor Tour

 We really enjoyed the Arizona Memorial and the swap meet. After we were through with those two thing we went into Honolulu.  I had to go to the dentist to take care of some  problems with one of my crowns. While I was in the dentist, Chelsea and Bri found a new Eggs and Things and so we all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that afternoon. The dentist was right by Ala Moana Shopping Center so wc decided we needed to do a little more shopping.  Chelsea bought me some running shoes for Mother's Day.  Thanks so much Shane and Chelsea, Tylie and Ryder.  I love them.  That night we were tired but we enjoyed the beach behind our condo at Pat's at Punaluu.  I had never been there before
Tylie standing by the names at the Arizona Memorial

The condo we stayed in was on the side of the Pat's at Punaluu towers.  To get in you had to go through several different doors.  There was a little patio on the back and one as you went in the front door.  Pool  available and nice beach in the back

The Arizona Memorial


Making Funny Faces

Here's our fun car we got to drive  Thanks Luke

The next day, Thursday, we went to the PCC.  My wonderful friends Sape and Taofi got us discount tickets and so we were able to go.  The new show at the I-max was really neat.  I loved the night show too. .  Both of these fit so well into a plan of salvation type theme.
We had a great time watching all the shows at PCC
Look at that guy behind us  Kristen from Valencia came with us
We had a wonderful day and evening at the PCC

Pal's brother at the Samoan Village
Tylie and Auntie Sape   Sape made us leis and flowers for our hair

One of my best friends in the whole world Sape  We were cheer leaders together at Kahuku High school

Taofi, Me, and Sape

TJ and Carrie

My good friend Pinky.  She lived with us for a year when we moved back to Utah
I got to spend time with several of my wonderful friends.  Laie will always feel like home to me.  Many of my friends still live there.                                                                                                                                   
At Wiamea Falls

On the last day we could be together, we wanted to beach hop again. The only problem was that it was really rainy.  We started out at some Laie Beaches but decided to try going to the North Shore since its not always so rainy up there. The waves on the North hore were too big so we just put our towels down and tried to lay out and watch the surfers.  In the pouring rain, we finally gave up and got back in the car..  Then as we were trying to figure out what to do, we passed Wiamea Falls hike.  We decided to try it and it was really fun.  It rained a little but we had a great time

The hike to the falls was fun  When I was young we used to hike there all the time free  Now its totally commercial but still beautiful
Chelsea under the falls
Swimming in the pool under the falls

After the swim

Tylie loved the hike and swim in the falls

View looking down from the Laie Temple

The beautiful Laie Hawaii Temple

That night we ate dinner at Sape and Taofi's and then went to visit the temple gournds.

Tylie enjoyed the temple grounds

Saturday morning, Chelsea, Bri, and Tylie had to leave early so I took them to the airport.  We had checked out of our condo at Pat's but I went back to Laie to go to a session at the temple anyway.  Sape was one of the ordinance workers at my session.  That was very special.  Later, I checked into my hotel right by the airport.  No sooner had I gotten there than the phone rang and it was my good friend Brandon S from Pleasant Grove.  He lives in Hauula with his wife and family.  He invited me to come back to Hauula and see them and have dinner.  He didn't have to twist my arm too hard.  Right after he hung up, my Laie friend Pauline L T called and so we decided to ride to Hauula together and visit along the way.  She  lives near Kaneohe so I picked her up there and we drove to  Brandon's house.  We had a wonderful Chinese dinner prepared by some Chinese people that were visiting.  It was fun to see Brandon and his family. and to visit with my wonderful friend Pauline.

Pauline plays and sings beautifully

Sunday morning I rode the bus to Greg and Heidi's ward .  They invited me to stay for lunch which was so good.  Greg is a medical student at the University of Hawaii  I loved seeing them
We passed over this atoll on our way to Majuro
Sat and Sunday nightI stayed in the Best Western by the airport.  They were all out of rooms and so they gave me a Suite which was really huge and elegant.  It was fun.  I had to be up by 3:30am Monday morning for a flight to Majuro which left at 5:30 am. I enjoyed the flight.


Home to Majuro  Can you believe we live on a little sliver of land like this?
I had a wonderful trip.  I got to help the nurse in Kiribati, see the other side of the mission,and meet  and work with several of the missionaries there.  On the way home, I went through Fiji, Kirimati Island, and Hawaii.  I loved seeing my family and friends but  I did decidee I am not quite ready to come home.  I still have work to do here in the Marshall Islands Mission.

The Sisters

I got home just in time to watch general conference with the mission.  We spent two days watching the DVDs of conference since most of the mission couldn't get it live here.

The Elders eating as usual

The Seniors, cooking as usual  Its good to be back
 If any of you read this blog a few days ago, you will notice it is a little different.  I accidently deleted it and so I have put it together again.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Under the Sea

The Senior Missionaries headed out for a P Day boat ride and snorkeling trip
We packed our lunches in coolers
and headed out into the Lagoon 

We had a great time

Some of them have people living there and others don't

There are over 30 little islets in our atoll

The captain went fishing while we snorkeled
I love this cute little island
He caught a couple of fish and another got snapped off by a shark

The boat captain knew some good snorkeling spots so first he took us to the last Island before the passageway the ships use to enter into the lagoon.  The coral and fish were beautiful.  We were right on the reef.  The name of the Island is Kallal.  The captain anchored and we dove in
Table coral along with other kinds
Sister Barlow looking for shells

Notice the little blue fish

We were in about 10-15 feet of wate

More coral

More little blue fish
The bottom

coral and fish

Isn't this beautiful
Razor Coral (Pink)

More Table Coral

Diving for shells

Elder Barlow

Sister Barlow
Following the trail of a shell


Spike Shells

Top Shells are common here
A white Cowry with its mantel partially out

Sister Barlow finds this white Cowry

Mantel starting to go in

fully covered with mantel

Mantel gradually starting to pull in

fully covered with mantel

A School of Fish

Its like a real big aquarium all around you

More Table Coral

There were many colors of fish.

Coral Shelves

Me getting back into boat after 1st Snorkel

What a fun dive  Elder Wayas Sister Woods

  Our second snorkel was on the outside of the reef on the ocean side coming back through the channel into the lagoon.  The big ships use this channel as an opening into the lagoon.  We were a little scared to do it but then we all jumped out of the boat and into the water.  The idea was that the current would carry us into the lagoon and we could snorkel on the outside of the reef all the way in.  The waves were really big as they crashed onto the shore, so we had to stay back away from the waves.  Here you can see the drop off that occurs when you are on the outside of the reef.  It drops off several hundred feet.

Fish on the backside of the reef.  See the drop off

 Lately I have been having trouble with my ears when I snorkel.  Getting water in them and then being in a lot of wave action I get sea sick I guess.  Anyway, after I had been in the waves for a short time, I became very sick to my stomach and I had to flag the boat to come and get me.  It was really fun though to be in back of the reef for a short time.  I am going to get some ear plugs and I think that will help.  I wasn't sea sick when I was just on the boat..just when I was snorkeling and there was a lot of waves.  Later in the day, I was able to snorkel in the last two spots, which were a little calmer.
Table coral
Back side of the reef drop off
Table Coral
We saw big and small fish
On the backside of the reef