Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer fun 2012

I had over four months to wait after my mission call.  There was a lot to do though to get ready.  Immunizations, police, bank, and Dr. . Reports stating I was in good health, good citizen without any crimes, and in good standing in my bank.  I had to gather a lot of things together and get them sent in. for my visa.  I started looking all over for the right kind of clothes: light weight shirts and skirts and sandles not flip flops.  I have had the opportunity to talk to several people who have been in the Marshall Islands.  Frank and Annette Mills came by shortly after I received my call and told me all about the Marshall Islands.  They lived in Ebye, an island a few hundred miles from Majuro, where I will be.  It was so interesting.  They also made it possible for me to meet the sister who had been the mission nurse before the one serving now.  Sister Diane Tiechert, from Alpine spent several hours with me telling e what to plan for and expect in terms of the medical assignment I will have.  I also received an E-mail from a friend of the Frames who had served there, which was so interesting.  The Phippens, who served before us in Connecticut as CES missionaries, also served in the Marshall Island Mission in the Karibati area.  They E-mailed me and gave President Shaw my E-mail and he and his wife also E-mailed me with some information.  The current nurse serving there, Sister Perkins who is  from Alamo Nevada, and knows Traci, has E-mailed me several times to give me information that has been most helpful.  Then, I also got a call from an old friend, Robin Steed.  We used to know each other from Valley View PTA.  She and her husband who is an RN, served as the mission nurse specialist in Karibati for 14 months, but were in Majuro MI for 4 months.  They gave me a lot of really good ideas and the told me I could sign up to learn the Marshallese language through skype lessons at the MTC.  I have since signed up and am now receiving those language lessons.  What an exciting time for me. I am so  grateful for all of these people for their help in getting ready.  I also love and appreciate the love and support from my dear family.  My children and their families have been wonderful and have done a lot to encourage me.  I have spent lots of time with all of them and we had a wonderful family reunion.  I also went to California for Shane's graduation with his Master's of Social Work.

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