Thursday, May 30, 2013

Under the Sea

The Senior Missionaries headed out for a P Day boat ride and snorkeling trip
We packed our lunches in coolers
and headed out into the Lagoon 

We had a great time

Some of them have people living there and others don't

There are over 30 little islets in our atoll

The captain went fishing while we snorkeled
I love this cute little island
He caught a couple of fish and another got snapped off by a shark

The boat captain knew some good snorkeling spots so first he took us to the last Island before the passageway the ships use to enter into the lagoon.  The coral and fish were beautiful.  We were right on the reef.  The name of the Island is Kallal.  The captain anchored and we dove in
Table coral along with other kinds
Sister Barlow looking for shells

Notice the little blue fish

We were in about 10-15 feet of wate

More coral

More little blue fish
The bottom

coral and fish

Isn't this beautiful
Razor Coral (Pink)

More Table Coral

Diving for shells

Elder Barlow

Sister Barlow
Following the trail of a shell


Spike Shells

Top Shells are common here
A white Cowry with its mantel partially out

Sister Barlow finds this white Cowry

Mantel starting to go in

fully covered with mantel

Mantel gradually starting to pull in

fully covered with mantel

A School of Fish

Its like a real big aquarium all around you

More Table Coral

There were many colors of fish.

Coral Shelves

Me getting back into boat after 1st Snorkel

What a fun dive  Elder Wayas Sister Woods

  Our second snorkel was on the outside of the reef on the ocean side coming back through the channel into the lagoon.  The big ships use this channel as an opening into the lagoon.  We were a little scared to do it but then we all jumped out of the boat and into the water.  The idea was that the current would carry us into the lagoon and we could snorkel on the outside of the reef all the way in.  The waves were really big as they crashed onto the shore, so we had to stay back away from the waves.  Here you can see the drop off that occurs when you are on the outside of the reef.  It drops off several hundred feet.

Fish on the backside of the reef.  See the drop off

 Lately I have been having trouble with my ears when I snorkel.  Getting water in them and then being in a lot of wave action I get sea sick I guess.  Anyway, after I had been in the waves for a short time, I became very sick to my stomach and I had to flag the boat to come and get me.  It was really fun though to be in back of the reef for a short time.  I am going to get some ear plugs and I think that will help.  I wasn't sea sick when I was just on the boat..just when I was snorkeling and there was a lot of waves.  Later in the day, I was able to snorkel in the last two spots, which were a little calmer.
Table coral
Back side of the reef drop off
Table Coral
We saw big and small fish
On the backside of the reef

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