Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kids in the Marshall Islands

Some of the children in my ward.  The boy in red is deaf
I love the kids in the Marshall Islands.  They are so happy with big smiles on their faces.  Some of them are very shy but if you say Iakwe, they will say it back.  They love cookies and candy, orange and apple slices, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

He is energetic in Primary

a cute boy in my ward

He is very shy

The kids are so cute

These kids loved our ward party
The kids here love to have their picture taken
They all make the hang loose sign
They loved getting the Christmas gifts many of you sent

Everywhere I go there are lots of children in the Marshall Islands.  Some of them live in poor little houses and have very little as far as material things, but they are happy.  They don't know what they are missing.  They will play with whatever they can find...a box, a stick for a baseball bat, baseball gloves made of cardboard, junk that has washed up on the beach.  Some of them already know how to make a few dollars...they sell sea shells to American's like me.

Children on Ejit Island

Children playing at the church in Delap

Kids who came by to sell me Marshallese handicrafts

Dilson and friends

Kids of an Investigator

Kids having fun at ward party
They love to eat  chocolate chip cookies

My good friend Dilson and friend

Kids who came into mission office to sell us stuff

Christmas gifts...they loved them

They love candy

I think they are brothers

Kids in line for food at the ward party in Ajeltake
Boy, (that's his name) selling a chicken
Kids on Ejit

My friend Dilson

Romeo and Alisa

Having fun at the beach
little girls from Rita
My little friends

Kids I met in Delap
A girl in Rita with her pet lizard
Kids at my house.  I gave them apples and oranges
Kids by the beach in their hammock
Boy at the airport in Tarawa

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