Saturday, September 6, 2014

Iakwe Iakwe

Good-bye to Elder and Sister Wayas  who left two weeks before me
Elder and Sister Wayas and me
After the Barlows left, Elder and Sister Wayas were next.  They  were wonderful friends and did an amazing job in running the mission office, cars, bikes, and newsletter.   They will be missed greatly!

President and Sister Weir and Elder and Sister Wayas

My Primary friend Sarah also left for United States with herfamily
Elder Aaron from Kiribati

I went around doing my final apartment check and was able to say good-bye to many of my wonderful Elders and Sisters.

Elder Aaron and his new companion

Elder Uiata and Elder Tuituipou

Elder Uita

Elder Tuituipou

Elder Bowden

Sister Moeai

Sister Crane

Sister Huni and Sister

Sister Moeai and Sister Samuel

Elder Duriba and Elder Sanapalu

Me and Elder Langrine (from Marshall Islands  Lae)

My good friend Dr. Pinano in his office/pharmacy  He helped me a lot in caring for the missionaries

My wonderful friend Rena

Ben the security guard at Lojkar Apartments  He would always try to sell Marshallese crafts but was very nice and helpful.  He used to take some of the old stuff we got from missionary apartments and give it to the Marshallese people that needed it...

Ben used to chase the little kids away from our apartment

The Stake Primary had a Iakwe Iakwe for me.  It was so special.  Many of the Primary leaders from all the wards came to wish me Iakwe.  They brought food and little gifrs.  I had helped Sister  Linda Obekatang, President with a Stake Primary Meeting and also played the piano for the children when they sang for Elder  and Sister Pearson when they were in the Marshall Islands.  They were so kind and nice to do that for me.
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Me as they all came up and gave me little Marshallese crafts
Rosita, Sister Zedikiah and Sister Tibbon
There was lots of good food, and people sat around and talked and laughed and had a good time.

My piano students were really special.  Even though I hadn't taught some of them that long, they were so grateful  Some of them had a Iakwe Iakwe for me also.

Yana Edegar

Crystal was able to play a lot of the simplified hymns and played the organ in church several times in preparation for playing full time after I leave

Crystal Enos
Namiko,  S   and H


They had a Iawke Iawke for me

Linda Obekatang and Sister Yanou and families and   They had a Iakwe Iakwe for me with food and little gifts.  I taught the girls piano

The girls I taught
There is not a scouting program in the Marshall Islands and up to this point the Primaries have not been having activity days.  I helped the stake primary give a presentation on activity days for boys and girls and Faith in God awards.   Our ward had our first one and I taught the children how to lead music.  It was fun and hopefully they will continue doing them.

Julia and friend enjoy Primary activity

Primary children

Primary girls having a good time

Primary girls including Sarah

Julia and other primary children

Primary boys love to have their picture taken
Wilson and friends
 A friend of my sister Jill sent a box of little toys and candy for me just as I was getting ready to leave.  Her name is Jill Eyring.  Anyway, it was perfect because I was able to give it to my little friends as a farewell.
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Dilson and friends

Dilson and friends

Robbie, Wilson and others

Dilson and friends

Dilson and friends

Dilson and his brother
"Saying Goodbye, why is it sad?  Makes us remember the good times we've had.  You're in my heart, now until then.  Its time for saying good-bye."

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