Sunday, July 7, 2013

June in the Marshall Islands

Me with Elder Kevin Pearson of the first quorum of seventy and his wife.
Elder  and Sister Pearson spent several days in Majuro.  The came for our Stake Conference and then stayed to do a zone conference  with our mission.  Elder Pearson is the first counselor in the Pacific Area Presidency.  It was fascinating to talk to him about the ways that the church is growing in the Pacific nations and the problems that they are faced with.  The seniors got to have dinner with them and we were able to ask questions

All of the Sister Missionaries and Sister Pearson, President and Sister Shaw
I played the organ for stake conference.  They gave me a wot to wear and a pretty necklace

Stake Conference was really good.  I also played the piano for a stake Primary Choir.  They sang We Thank Thee Dear Father in Heaven above in Marshallese and A Child's prayer in English.  It turned out really good.

Made of Fresh Flowers
Sister Tofa, me and Sister Tomney

Here we are again

Sister Hogg, Sister Tebwani, me, Sister Edmunds, Sister Tominey, Sister Roota, Sister Huni

The Sister missionaries always have a lot of fun together. I always have the sisters who live in Long Island over to dinner at least once a week.  I make treats or sometimes have the Elders over too
Elder Langrine, Finau, Elder Watkins

Sister Tofa and Sister Tominey

Ben, the security guard at the apartment complex.

The Senior missionaries were invited to come over to Keman Island, the 8th island over in the Majuro Atoll.  We hired a boat to take us over and then we spent the day with Jiki  (cheekie) and Sue and their three boys.  They are caretakers/gardners on this island .  The island is either owned or leased by a rich American Attorney and his wife from Thiland.  Jiki and his wife Sue take care of the gardens and yard.  The whole island is theirs.  Here are some pictures:

They had row after row of different types of vegetables and fruits.  Most of them were planted in pots and raised planters because there is not much soil...just coral 

They grow papaya and other tropical fruit

this is some kind of weird fruit
They had vines of tomatoes, and other kinds of vegetables and herbs
nice little trail around the island

Tai girl who also works on island

A cool tree house for the kids
Looking down from the tree house

Tire swing

Sister Wayas and Sister Saw in the Kayak
Jiki gave me a ride in the canoe
Sister Shaw and Sister Barlow on the beach

We also snorkeled, which was fun

Sue fixing food for us along with the girl from Thailand and her sons

The jungle part of the island

Jiki, Sue, and family and girl from Thialand
This is the next islet over.  Its so small and cute
Senior Sisters and Sister Shaw at the dock
When we got home that night there was a wonderful baptism in Rita.  Elder Sxhmidt and Elder Ingalls

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