Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tidal Waves hit Majuro and Hello and Goodbye

Tuesday, June 25, 2013, Majuro was hit hard by a combination of a super high tide (Super moon) and a storm surge.  The waves struck  the South and West sides of the island hard, with waves breaking the sea wall at the airport in three places.  Sea water poured into homes, backyards, over the street and onto the lagoon side of the island in a few places.  Garbage was everywhere.  Roads by the airport had to be cleared of rocks and sand before they were reopened.  Sister Woods and I noticed a lot of water by our apartment and realized that the waves had come up over and into the new apartments that are being built.  We also went down the road to some of the little villages and saw the water way up in the houses with garbage everywhere.  The missionaries donned our helping hands vests and headed out to help with the clean up.
Mud, rocks and trash were everywhere

Sister Woods and I in our helping hands Vests

This is pretty far from the ocean and it still got lots of rocks and mud

It was pretty good

The people were really grateful for the help and gave us green coconuts to drink (and eat...its soft)  Its called Ni

One yard done

Enjoying the coconuts

In some places a big bulldozer came and pushed all the garbage out with dirt to form a barrier for water that was expected to some the next couple of nights.  It didn't come as bad though.  Now the next time there are tidal waves all the garbage will wash back up again.  CRAZY

Sister Tofa and Sister Tominey

Sister Mahit and Sister Tebwanei

After a long days work, Elders relaxing
June was also a month of gatherings and  saying good-bye and hello

Senior Sisters out to lunch at Chit Chat (Sister Shaw's favorite place)

We put together some of our thoughts in a special book
 Farewell Dinner for the Shaws at the Polka Dot Restaurant

Arrival of President and Sister Weir on June 29th
Me with both President and Sister Shaw and President and Sister Weir
Saying good-bye to Sister Shaw

The Wayas' with both presidents

The Barlow's with both presidents

The Woods and the two presidents
President and Sister Shaw with Pres Zedikah

With Raffe

With the APs and one ZL

With Anne

Sister Shaw, right before she left at the airport

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