Friday, October 11, 2013

September in the Marshall Islands

Sr Missionaries enjoy picnicing and Snorkeling in Ajeltake
Some interesting Coral 
The Senior missionaries get together and do fun outings on our P Day.  We like to go snorkeling and we do maybe every other week or so.  This particular Saturday we went to a new little pavillion and beach park in Ajeltake.  Actually this and the one in Laura are the only beach parks there are on Majuro so it was fun.  We had a Bar B Q and then we went snorkeling.  We snorkeled on the lagoon side.  There weren't a lot of fish but the coral was beautiful

The reef and fish are beautiful

The Reef has many kinds of coral

Some are huge and colorful

We are trying to open up some new atolls for missionary work.  The APs were able to go to Arno, which is pretty close to Majuro to check it out.  To get there you ride over on a little boat.  Here they are as they go under the Majuro Bridge.  The senior missionaries went to watch them and wave as they went under the bridge.  They found some members on Arno and even some Priesthood holders.  I guess we are trying to get permission from the Iroj  of the atoll to open it up for missionary work.  We did have missionaries there several years ago, I am told but the missionaries were pulled out because of some of the black magic practices that were going on there.  Now, they think it is safe to send them back.
APs on their way to Ar no  Elders that went were Elder Swain, Elder Angilau, and Elder Vaaulu
APs on their way to Arno

Low tide by the bridge
I am standing on the Majuro Bridge where the Elders just went by on a boat to Ar no .  You can see the ocean side and the lagoon side is just to my right

Laura, is at the end of the atoll.  There is more land, wider area and more vegetables and fruits are grown there.

Sister Barlow invited me to come with her to a RS party in Laura at the beach.  We had a picnic with the RS sisters.  It was supposed to start at 10 and we got there about 12 knowing it would be Marshallese time.  Well, when we got there there were only a few ladies there and the main group had not arrived with the food.  Finally they arrived and the cooking started and we ate about 3.

A cute little Marshallese girl at the party

Some Ladies waiting for the party to start

Some children playing on a huge tree by the beach

Sister Barlow, Sister Ieie, and me

One of the ladies at the party

The Sister missionaries rode their bikes to the party

Sister Ieie and Butler

Always bar b q chicken, ribs, hot dogs and rice

Ben the security guard at our apartment

Elders and Sisters in Long Island District plus the APs at my house for dinner
Saying goodbye to Sister Tebwani

Sister Edmunds, left for the Michigan, Detroit mission

Going away party for Sister Anien

Saying good-bye to Sister Anien going to the Pilippines
Party for Sister Anien

Elder Tuitupou from Australia plays the piano by ear  He is really talented


Roy one of the little boys

Some of the little boys and girl who come to my house for food

Alisha, a Marshallese girl that likes to come to my house
My friend Dilson

The kids being silly

The little group of boys and 1 girl that like to come over

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