Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Under the Sea Part II and more

We went snorkeling last Saturday to show the new couple missionaries how fun it is

Angel fish

I am still learning the technique of underwater photography.  The fish move away so fast its hard to be sure you focus and that you get them at the right moment. 

One of the senior elders here says to use the flash and the colors are brighter.  I will have to try that.  There were hundreds of fish all sizes.  It isn't possible to capture what you really see.  
Colorful coral
The reef is so amazing.  There are many kinds of choral.  It is big and comes in tables and shelves and tiny and intricate.  It comes in different colors.  On the reef,  there are beautiful tropical fish everywhere.  There are schools of little tiny fish swimming by, medium fish, and a few large fish.  Behind the reef the fish get larger.  Elder Barlow has seen several sharks, but they are reef sharks and not dangerous,  We have snorkeled on the back side of the reef.  There is a slanting of the backside for a little ways and then thee is a sharp drop off  (See Under the sea part I) that goes down several hundred feet

Lots of beautiful, colorful fish

Coral comes in many sizes and colors

Its hard to see them, but there are fish everywhere

The water is so warm.  Where it is shallow, it is really warm like a bathtub.  As you go a little deeper you can feel the cooler currents but it is always nice and never cold.

Look at this fish

Can you see the black fish?

The reef is very colorful
We had a great P day.  We brought our picnic and all had lunch.  Then some of us walked around the islet to see the ocean side.  The waves were beautiful as they crashed onto the reef.  We were able to walk out quite a ways because the tide was going down.
Sister Wayas
Sister Wayas, Sister Barlow, Sister Gardner, and I along with some of the senior Elders had a good time snorkeling.  Others rode in the kayaks and had fun on the beach.
A Parrot Fish
\We saw several of these parrot fish

The islet we traveled to is called Eniko.  It is way past keman islet (the 8th islet over)  I would guess that Eniko is about the 20th islet from Majuro? 

We got some new senior missionaries  Gardners and Johnsons

Sister Wayas and Sister Johnson

Sister Wayas and Sister Barlow

We walked around the islet to the ocean

Sister Barlow and me 

All the new senior missionaries and the old ones too

A cruise ship came into the lagoon and docked.  Hundreds of tourists were walking on the streets of Delap and Uliga  Ruby and I went to see the ship.  We talked to some of the tourists and many of them were Americans.  The cruise was a 70 day cruise in the Pacific and Australia 
Ruby by the dock

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