Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kommol tata to my wonderful missionaries and friends

The ward had a Iakwe Iakwe for me after church on the last Sunday I was there.  They all came into the cultural hall and had me sit in a chair.  Then a lot of people got up to tell me thanks and why they would miss me.  Then I was able to stand and tell them how much I loved them.  After that they all lined up and gave me a hug and left a little Marshallese craft.
Bishop Enos, Sister Enos Crystal and me
 Bishop Enos is a wonderful Bishop.  He works for the government of the Marshall Islands as a protocol employee who welcomed dignitaries to the Marshall Islands.  Sister Enos is a teacher and works for the Office of Education in Special Education.  Both are very educated and help the people and ward in so many ways.  Crystal took piano from me and was able to learn to play the easy hymns and play for church. 
Bishop Enos

Stake Patriarach Tima, Brother Levi, Sister Enos

Yana Edegar.  I taught her piano

Me and Rosita

Yana and Bella

Brother Levi

Patriarch Tima, Lena, Crystal and others

Bishop Enos, Arnie, Pres Anien

Kayla Edegar

Sister Enos and Sister Anien

Sister Tago and Sister Crane and boys

Arnie and others

Brian Edegar and others

Daniel Aneo

Sister Crane and Lena
Sister Terry Davis, Relief Soc President
On the day I left I was finally able to get pictures of some of the equipment that was in the container I helped to get for the hospial

More equipment  Some of the equipment was still in the container.  Due to the scandal at the hospital the administrators were no longer there and everything was still on hold.  I will have the missionaries check on it in the coming days.

Senior missionaries had a farewell dinner for me at Pres and Sister Weir's house

It was fun to be together:

Robisons, Gardners, Johnsons, me and two new sister missionaries

Sister Huni and I just before I left

At the Airport

Saying good-bye to President and Sister Weir at the airport

Ruby and boys came to see me off

Rosita, Yana and kids were there

Bina, Donna Jorlang, Rosita and Yana and me
President and Sister Weir took me to the airport.  Ruby and her boys, Rosita and her kids, and Bina and Donna were there.  The Robinsons came just as I was leaving.  Bishop Enos ran out to talk to me as I was bording and said that he and Sister Enos and some others had come too late to see me off

Ruby, Rosita and me

Ruby, Rosita, me and Bina at the airport
After a 6 hour flight to Honolulu and a 3 hour layover, I boarded a flight for LA and then on to SLC

Morgan and Jil, Luke and Traci and families, Jill and Kent and Eileen and LaMar Woods were there to meet me  At first it was just Jill and Kent and the Woods, because the others had gone to the wrong terminal.  But...soon they were all there and we had a wonderful reunion.  I arrived at 9:00 pm but we still went for ice cream after.  It was cold outside.

My good friend Eileen Woods and her husband were there

We all went for ice cream even though it was 9:00 pm.  I spent the night at Luke and Traci's in PG.  Then the next day, I went to breakfast with some of my friends from PG:  Candi, Sally, Pauline, Mardene, and Jackie.  Then Traci helped me to buy an I phone and I rented a car from Luke at Hertz.  Then I headed over to Payson where I spent the night with Morgan and Jil and family.  The next day, Wednesday, March 12th I headed for St George.  My luggage had already arrived by air and Jolynn and picked it up.  When I arrived at my house, there was a big welcome home grandma sign and all my furniture was there.  I stayed at Matt and Jolynn's house.  Jason and Nicole  came to welcome me home too

A big welcome home sign was on my garage

Izzy, Bridger, and Brea
Bridger and Izzy in soccer uniforms
I spoke in church on March 29th.  My whole family was there as well as Jan and Ian Gilyeat, Jacobsens, Days, Woods, Elder and Sister Perkins, and many family and friends.  Aunt Jean also came down with Kellie
Family chilling out after my homecoming

Me and my 23 wonderful grandchildren

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