Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Activities 2013

Brian and Rosita Edijar and family on their way to the temple in Hawaii  I helped  them get ready to go
Rosita and Kayla, Brian and Bella, Me and Yana in the front

It was so exciting to see them be able to go to Laie, Hawaii for a week and get their endowments, be sealed and them do work for some of their family.  Pres Shaw wanted a Marshallese teacher so Brother Moranj taught the class and I assisted him and got helped them get their passports, temple recommends, and family history online and ready for work to be done.

The whole group going to the temple, Sister Barlow and me.  Elder and Sister Barlow taught a class in Laura and two families from there went with the Edijars

Rosita and Bella, me and Yana

Sister Barlow made the actual arrangements for them to go

Me and Rosita.  She is the Primary President in our ward

All the families were so excited to be going

Dilson, Romeo and Robbie

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