Thursday, December 19, 2013

Majuro Memories

A typical day off to visit missionaries with all of my bags
Sister Tago hurt her knee during P day activities

No broken bones

I keep really busy checking on sick missionaries, taking them to the doctor, dentist, hospital etc.  When I get a call that someone is sick, I usually go visit them since I have a car and most of them don't.  I like to take my medical things with me so I have different bags for different things.  I have a bag for my medical equipment such as stethescope, sygnomanometer, otoscope, pulse oxymeter,and aural (ear) thermometer.  I also have a bag with Tylenol, Ibuprofen, tums,cold tablets, immodium, and a  lot of over the counter meds that are hard to get here (SL sends them to us) I have a little bag of antibiotics that I can use if someone need one, and I also have a bag of bandages, bandaids, dressings, ankle and knee wraps etc. I also carry little bottles of gator aide to treat dehydration and diarrhea.  I take them with me so I don't have to come back for supplies.  I don't like to leave them in my car because its so hot so I carry them ,
Long Island Zone came to dinner

Long Island Zone dinner

What a fun time we had.  When any of the missionaries come to dinner, they always leave with a spiritual thought.  The missionaries are usually very hungry and eat a ton.  You just have to have a lot of something and they eat it.  Some of my favorite meals are Chicken enchiladas, Chicken Supreme, Taco Soup, Home made Pizza, Ham and cheesy potatoes, and Taco Salad.

Siste Huni, Elder Paora, Elder Lutu, Elder Whetstone, Sister Crane and Elder Foote
  Above: Sister Crane, Elder Foot, Elder Atantaake, Elder Langrine, Elder Holman

Another Long Island Zone/AP dinner at my house

The whole group again plus three new sisters who were staying at my apt for the night
Elder Aaron, Elder Ingalls, and Elder Walden

I have the Long Island Sisters over every week.  Sometimes more come
I was looking for a picture of me to put on my Christmas card.  I had Ruby take a few to chose from:
Me wearing a wot on my head

Out by the beach near my apartment

 We had fun taking pictures that I didn't even use for my Christmas card
I like to watch the ocean from this spot

We see rainbows a lot.  This one was full but I couldn't get the whole thing from where I was.
They are still doing construction on the apartment
Elder Morrisey going home to Niue

Elder Parkinson returning to Florida

Elder Peck goes home to Utah

I love working with the young missionaries.  They are all wonderful Elders and Sisters.

Alisha and Dilson

Bar B Q and P day activity in Laura
P day Activity in Laura

Basketball is a favorite  We have a few injuries sometimes
Lots of the missionaries play the Uke


I have seen many beautiful rainbows here.  It rains all the time and then its sunny again.  That makes it nice and humid

Elder and Sister Barlow on their anniversay

November Zone Conference

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